Stop Children Sleep Apnea by Orthodontic Treatment & Path to Dentist Career

Stop Children Sleep Apnea by Orthodontic Treatment & Path to Dentist Career
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Stop Children Sleep Apnea by Orthodontic Treatment & Path to Dentist Career


If your kids snores, or have ADHD, you better bring them to Eear Nose Throat doctors and also orthondontists.

Chidren's sleep apnea affects 4%+ children in the world, it affacts children's growth, school performance and sometime even cause death during the sleeping time.

Some of the kids who got diagnosed as ADHD, put on drugs, the real cause was the sleep apnea, these kids didn't rest in the evening, they cannot concentrate during the daytime.

Please join us to learn more about Children's sleep Apnea and the orthondontic treatment that opens airway, helping kids breath openly.

Dr. Michael Sunwoo D.D.S., M.M.Sc.


Dr. Michael Sunwoo is a Board Certified Specialist in Orthodontics for children and adults. He graduated from the Harvard School of Dental Medicine earning a Certificate in Orthodontics and received his Master of Medical Sciences from Harvard University.

As a native of California, Dr. Sunwoo graduated from the University of Southern California School of Dentistry at the top of his class. Following graduation, Dr. Sunwoo entered active duty in the United States Army and served four distinguished years practicing both general and pediatric dentistry. He then spent three years at Harvard fulfilling his dream of becoming an Orthodontist. As a first year resident, Dr. Sunwoo was selected to pursue the Leadership Track at Harvard, a position given to only one advanced graduate resident per year. This coveted opportunity allowed him to co-found a dental start-up at the Harvard Innovation Lab and complete courses at Harvard Medical School, Harvard Business School and MIT.

When not seeing patients, Dr. Sunwoo enjoys spending time with his wife, Yuna, and their three young children. Dr. Sunwoo loves to sing and dance. As a college student, he danced competitively on a hiphop dance team for three years. He is also a big fan of K-pop and karaoke.


Harvard School of Dental Medicine – Certificate, Orthodontics

Harvard University – Masters, Medical Sciences

University of Southern California – Doctor of Dental Surgery

U.C. San Diego – Bachelors, Economics

U.S. Army Officer – Major

American Board of Orthodontics – Diplomate

Start Date & Time
09 Oct 2021 05:00 pm
End Date & Time
09 Oct 2021 06:30 pm


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