Donation for Career Development

Donation for Career Development

Goal: $ 100000 | Raised: $ 33700


Donation for Career Development

Why should you donate to Be the Change Foundation?

Google, Apple, Adobe, VMWare, VISA, and hundreds of thousands of companies have selected Be the Change Foundation as a trusted non-profit organization that is dedicated to building a better community, helping young kids and working professionals to reach their fullest potential.

We will use the money you donated for following initiatives


1.Working professional career development - a Student Entrepreneurship Project
3.Children sleep apnea


To show our appreciation, we will provide some leadership trainings for you or other high potential talent, the same practice as the NPR Public Radio and many other charitable organizations.



Donation History

Our Chairman Dr. Elizabeth Xu donated $100k of online classes and services to Be the Change Foundation to support its youth leadership development and working professional career development initiatives.  Foundation has sponsored many people to attend live and interactive online training as well as in-person events and conferences, scholarship, and competition awards.


Our result is terrific. With many dedicated volunteers coaching over 200 middle school and high school students, 13 students received Presidential Volunteer Service Awards. We also have hosted several joint events between Be the Change Foundation and other parties

60 computers to low income kids for them to attend classes
Foundation Summer Fundraising Event
Camping at a private off-grid farm
NYC Meeting
Presidential Award Ceremony and Fundraising VIP Dinner
• Foundation Holiday fundraising Events


Cause Details
Be The Change Foundation
Raised Amount
$ 33700
Goal Amount
$ 100000

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