Be The Change Foundation helps young generation foster creativity, enrich knowledge and promote social engagement. The foundation acts as an incubator, where working professionals take initiative to create projects for students to participate in and/or mentor students to create their own projects. We focus on youth education, health and leadership development, and each selected project is expected to bring real values to the society and have a big social impact.

Students can learn through doing things together, master essential communication, collaboration and leadership skills through practice, and ultimately get prepared to succeed in their future careers.


This project is to build an online multi-media encyclopedia for K-12 students, which can be used as supplemental reading to accelearate learning and cultivate early-age broad interests . A unique aspect of this project is that, all contents are created by students themselves through collaboration, so students get an opportunity to practice creativity and leadership skills.

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Leadership Training

Be The Change Foundation holds seasonal workshops to guide students to practice adaptive leadership. The discussion sessions are held during the training and we encourage students to work together as teams to do spontaneous tasks in order to practice different aspects of teamwork that include time management, visioning, strategizing, and accountability distribution of the work.

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Sleep Apnea

We are partnering with the Leadership Minor at the University of Minnesota to construct an informative page. We aim to get helpful information and resources about sleep apnea onto the feed of people who need it, through social media channels and the website; optimize the feed pushing plan so that people are aware of this free resource. We will also create social media accounts on different platforms to connect with helpful health resources sites. Construct a resource grid on our website under the Sleep Apnea page and provide information and redirect the audience to resources.

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