Leadership Training

What is it?

Be The Change Foundation holds seasonal workshops to guide students to practice adaptive leadership. The discussion sessions are held during the training and students are encouraged to work together as teams to do spontaneous tasks in order to practice different aspects of teamwork that includes time management, visioning, strategizing, and accountability distribution of the work. The training is very essential to the success of the projects created by the foundation, since we expect students to be able to lead, manage and grow each project by themselves, instead of just following our instructions. Students who would like to assume leadership roles in the foundation, such as Director, Vice President and President, must take this training.


What topics are covered?

Topics covered in the training session include:

1. Personal Leadership Recognition and Development: MBTI, Strengths, Values, Weaknesses, and Edges. Vulnerability Purpose and Vision     

2. Community and Personal Leadership: Conversations in a community Group Purpose and Visioning Group Strategizing and Execution

3. Systematic View: System Diagnosis Observation, interpretation (O/I) Intervention Roles

How to apply?

The training is free and open to public. We wecome all high school, middle school and college students to join us and get connected! To apply please click here.

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