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免费的AI 和ChatGPT培训项目, 助您快速找到工作


如果您目前刚刚毕业,正在努力找工作,或者刚失业,又是拥有绿卡或公民身份的加州居民,那么这个培训对您来说可以是完全免费的,升华基金会 (Be The Change Foundation) 与当地大学和加州政府就业发展部(EDD)办公室合作,为面临失业或最近失业的个人提供全面培训。




Free AI Training to Help You Find a Job

Embark on a transformative journey with our Free Unemployment Training program designed to assist you in securing a job!

Be the Change Foundation collaborates with local universities and California EDD office to offer comprehensive training for individuals facing unemployment or recent job loss.

Our program is committed to empowering anyone interested in acquiring skills in AI and Data Science, essential for thriving in the digital age job market. We provide hands-on guidance on using ChatGPT to write agents, code, design software, and efficiently manage data, transforming you into a proficient working professional.

If you are a recent college graduate struggling to secure employment, or just lost your job, we are here to help. Simply submit your information through the form link below, and we will reach out to you promptly.

Application Form

Best of all, the training is 100% free of charge, ensuring accessibility to valuable skill-building resources for all. Join us in shaping a brighter future for your career.

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