Five Strategies to C-suites and Boardrooms

Five Strategies to C-suites and Boardrooms
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Five Strategies to C-suites and Boardrooms


If you have the burning desire to reach your fullest potential, make it to the C-suite sooner, this seminar is for you.

Top Five Reasons to Attend

✅ Elevate your mindset from a top performer to a C-level executive

✅ Ask any career questions, have interactive discussions with Pat and Dr. Liz, 10 lucky people will be selected to have 30 min 1-1 with Dr. Liz or Pat

✅ Learn the proven 5 Strategy to get into C-suites and Boardroom

✅ Network with rockstars learn their promotion acceleration experience

✅ Catalyze your burning desire to excel and rise to the top in the workplace

Dr. Elizabeth Xu and her mentor of 30 years Ms. Pat Zimmerman will share their proven 5 career strategies to get into C-suite and Boardroom.

They have coached thousands of people since 2005 and many of them got into C-suite and Boardrooms.

You can sign up the bonus 1-1 with Dr. Liz or Pat, we can help you with your rockstar mom career strategy. Please prepare

  1. Link to your linkedin Profile
  2. Your Resume
  3. 1-2 messages you got from this seminar
  4. Why do you want to talk to Dr. Liz or Pat?

We will notify you within 7 days if you are one of ten lucky people who receive this bonus 1-1 opportunity


  1. Dr. Liz and Pat's career journey
  2. The hidden benefits from C-suites and Boardrooms
  3. 5 Proven Strategies to accelerate your path to C-suites
  4. Live and Interactive Q&A


Dr. Liz, CEO, A2C Leadership Group, Former Group CTO at two muliti-billion dollar companies and Nasdaq board member

After she graduated,

  • Within 2 years, Dr. Liz was promoted to first line manager at IBM
  • Within 10 years, Became C-level executive at a public company
  • Within 20 years, became CTO of two multi-$billion companies
  • Within 23 years, became public company board member
  • Taught leadership classes at Stanford University (2011-2016)
  • Co-authorized "Myths of the Promotion"

Pat Zimmerman, Dr. Liz's mentor for 31 years

    • Retired from AT&T at age 43 from a management position
    • Coached many successful executives just like Dr. Liz
    • Became Presidtent and Chairman of University Nevada Sr. College
    • Co-teach with Dr. Liz at Stanford (2011-2016)
    • Co-authored Stanford textbook, "Myths of the Promotion, 10 steps to a scucessful career" You can bug it from Amazon


Detailed Bio:

Elizabeth is a public company board member and the CEO of A2C Academy. She has served as two CTO positions of billion-dollar revenue companies: CP Group and BMC Software. She became a C-level executive in 2005 at a public company. She provides coaching in Leadership, Digital Transformation, AI, and cloud. She is also an investor for early-stage companies.

Dr. Elizabeth Xu has taught at Stanford University for 6 years about leadership, and currently is a guest lecturer at Stanford University Teaching Digital Transformation at the Department of Engineering Management Science. She is also the advisor for MIT Innovation Initiatives.

Elizabeth earned a Ph.D. and two Master’s Degrees. She is a Harvard certified board member and attended the Stanford Executive Program.

Elizabeth received the TOP 50 Diversity Leader in the United States in 2020, the Presidential Award in 2019, the Global Leadership Award in 2018, the WITI Hall of Fame Award in 2017, and Women of Influence in Silicon Valley in 2013. She also received 10+ other prestigious awards. She is a trailblazer, leading a creative and proven path to the top.

Elizabeth lives by the credo of the four “L”s

Live to my fullest potential.

Love the people around me and enable them to reach their fullest potential.

Learn continuously.

Leave a legacy.

Start Date & Time
05 Feb 2022 02:00 pm
End Date & Time
05 Feb 2022 04:00 pm


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