Be The Change Foundation is a Certifying Organization that has been granted authority to give out the prestigious national award for volunteers Presidential Volunteer Service Award. We also provide various scholarships to recognize outstanding high school and university students. Most scholarships are for our members while a few are open to the public, in which case anyone can apply.

Please visit this page frequently and check out the available scholarship opportunities in the future.

Please contact to discuss scholarship sponsorships.

Presidential Volunteer Service Award (PVSA)

PVSA recognizes the important role of volunteers in America's strength and national identity. It honors individuals whose service positively impacts communities in every corner of the nation and inspires those around them to take action, too. The level of these awards (Gold, Silver or Bronze) depend on the recipient's age and number of volunteer hours within a 12-month period. To check your eligibility, please visit PVSA website. The application date for this award in Be The Change Foundation is 10/1/2021, which counts your total volunteer hours from 10/1/2020-9/30/2021.


We work with our sponsors and partners to provide scholarships to outstanding students. In 2020, our partner, A2C Academy generously offered creativity and leadership bootcamps for high and middle school students, including Innovation and Design Thinking, Art and Programming for Game Development, and Junior Leadership Bootcamps by Standford and Carnegie Mellon University professors. These bootcamps give students a great opportunity to learn and improve creativity and leadership within a short time, and then students can practice what they have learnt in the projects they are doing in the foundation.

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